Can't get V6-II to work with my Fuji XT-2?

I've tried everything I can think of and HSS will not work. I've also tried setting power sync adjust to 15 as shown in a YouTube vid by Donald M. Falls. The flash does fire but when I pull up the replay of the picture it's entirely black. I can use them at the normal sync speed of 1/250th. That really doesn't help me at all I have some old phottix ares triggers that work perfectly at that sync speed. I have a Pentax AF540FGZ that the trigger recognizes and sync's with perfectly (full functionality) when I use it with my Pentax camera but not so with the Fuji???


  • Oops forgot to mention I also have a GODOX manual speedlite that I can get to fire but same thing happens when I check the replay of the image (all black).
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