Fuji X-T2 with Nikon SB900 in hotshoe?

I understand the TTL passthrough won't work, but is it possible to have
the Nikon flash in manual power mode (not in TTL) and have the v6 ii
trigger the flash when the shutter release is pressed? The test trigger on the v6 ii fires the flash, should be possible to connect the shutter to that?


  • Just to clarify, I mean the v6ii is in the camera hotshoe in TX mode, and the SB900 is in the v6 ii hotshoe.  So I'm looking to have the v6 ii act as a simple translator to let me use the SB900 as a manual flash on camera.
  • As long as the SB900 only requires centre-pin triggering, that should work without problems.

    The SB900 essentially would have to work on your X-T2 directly in manual mode.

    If that works then the V6II in-between should give you a PowerSync option for the SB900 (by setting the SB900's power to full power manually). 
  • Thanks, Class A, that's exactly what I was looking for while I'm waiting for the new Cactus firmware!
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