Optical Triggering Sensitivity

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been discussed before.  I've done a lot of searching on this board and haven't found any info regarding my problem.

I'm trying to trigger a Canon 430exII using a Cactus V6 in RX mode, set to optical trigger mode: 1st flash (S1) or Main Flash (S2).

I can get it to trigger the flash, but only when i place the receiver's eye about 3 inches from my strobe.  Any further away and the flash doesn't get triggered.  I have 2 other Cactus V6 units and they all behave similarly.  

Is there some sensitivity setting that i need to engage or change to get these Cactus units to fire without putting them nearly touching with a bright strobe light?  I'm not trying to do any thing fancy like HSS or TTL...just a simple optical trigger.

Any help is much appreciated!


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    No, there is no sensitivity setting.

    I think the sensor in the V6 is primarily meant for flash profiling and hence needs to deal with high light levels. As such, it is not very sensitive to low levels.

    The only chance I see for improving optical triggering is to try and angle the V6's sensor exactly towards the light source. I think the sensor also has a quite narrow angle of view, in addition to being relatively insensitive.
  • That's helpful Class A.

    I've tried the angling idea.  but literally, i can't get them to trigger unless they are dead aligned into the middle of a 24 inch softbox, and more than 4 for 5 inches from the surface of the softbox.


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