V6II unable to sync with one or two RF60s

Recently bought a V6II with two RF60s but I have yet to successfully use them due to sync issues between the three devices.

The V6II in TX mode, with group A and B turned on, channel one and the first RF60 in S mode, assigned as group A, channel one, second RF60 in S mode, assigned as group B, same channel, are not power adjustable from the V6II. 

When I try with just the one RF60, controlling power levels is hit and miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it loses connection; the devices are a few inches apart from each other. Making the single RF60 flash is not a problem, although I rarely get the flash icon appear on my Fuji X-Pro2, even though the V6II displays Fuji as the camera and flash system when turned on.

Using Firmware Updater V1.08, V6II is on V1.1.004, release date 5/9/2016 

Both RF60s are on V204 (release date 29/9/2016).


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