XT2 & Nikon SB800 - remote control power issue


I'm having an issue where the power output change is only set after I test fire the flash .
shouldn't it be automatic? 

It's rather annoying always having to test fire to change power :(



  • What firmware is your V6II using? Regarding the X-T2, the V6 II with official firmware is not supported. However, don't worry! We are about the release a new firmware that will be working on X-T2. 

    If you are interested in beta test, follow steps below to manually put the beta firmware into your existing Firmware Updater:

    For MacOS, please follow below instruction to replace the original firmware file.
    In the home directory, there is a hidden folder called “.cactus-updater-files” , all firmware is downloaded to this folder.
    1.       Use Terminal to enter to folder. To do that, type TERMINAL in the search bar and hit enter;
    2.       Go to the folder by typing this commend in the terminal, “cd .cactus-updater-files”;
    3.       in the “.cactus-updater-files” folder, type command ,

    4.       Connect the V6II via USB, press the V6II MENU button while switching to either TX or RX to enter the firmware update mode;
    5.       Open the firmware and press UPDATE to update the V6II that is connected via mini-USB cable.

    For PC, please click below link to download the V6II firmware beta version:
    1.       Replace the original file in the program file folder: 
    •         ”C:\Program Files\Cactus Firmware Updater”. 
    2.       Open the Firmware Updater, click the UPDATE button to update the V6II that is connected via mini-USB cable. 
    Reminder: Do NOT click Check for latest Firmware nor the DOWNLOAD button which will overwrite the beta test firmware file. 

    The firmware is suitable for X-Pro 2 and X-T2. 

    On the other hand, you may have to remove the hot shoe spring of the camera in case you find connection issue with the V6II. Please click the following link for the tutorial video,

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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