Godox transmitter compatibility XT32 vs X1 (Fuji X HSS)

edited October 2016 in V6 II Compatibility
I have been successfully using a single V6II to achieve HSS with my Fuji X-T1 and the Godox flash system by placing an X1T-C transmitter on top of the V6II.  For some reason the other transmitter model from Godox that is HSS compatible, The XT32-C, doesn't work with the V6II when set up the same way.  It will not even fire when on top of the V6II.  The XT32 has a much better interface and I know I'm not alone in preferring it to the X1.  Is there any chance this could be looked into?  Also, FWIW, I'm on the latest V6II firmware and there is no update for the XT32 as of yet.


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