TTL passthrough fuji x-t1 and fuji ef-20 flash

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I just got my cactus V6 duo. But when i turn on passthrough ttl in combo with my fuji x-t1 And fuji ef-20 flash, while it does fire (full power), it doesn't do TTL.

I checked And cleaned the contacts and placed everything securely. What am I doing wrong?


  • Hello,

    The V6's TTL pass-through works when it amounted with the camera and the flash (ie. Camera > V6 > flash). This function doesn't work at the wireless mode. Fuji ef-20 doesn't support flash profiling on V6. That V6 will works as a regular flash trigger that trigger the flash at full power at TTL mode or the manual level set on the flash.

    Since Fuji ef-20 only have TTL mode, it will fire at full power when using V6 as wireless flash trigger.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Thank you.
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