Relay mode

Is it possible to change the rebroadcast channels that the RX in relay mode will use?

Is there a way to specify which particular channel the relay
mode slave camera cactus V6 transmits on? I noticed that switching on to
TX while pressing down A + B + D + half press test button displays the
CH the relay RX flash in will use to transmit. This could be useful if
there are multiple remote cameras and multiple separate light setups in
one location.


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    I don't think you can influence the relay channel and I also don't think what you are seeing is the relay channel being used (no idea what you are seeing).

    The relay channel is always one lower than the set channel.

    To avoid problems with multiple cameras and remotes being used in relay mode, just make sure that the set channel numbers of different sets are at least two numbers apart. Then there will be no unwanted interaction.
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