The YN568EX does not seem to be able to be controlled by the V6? On Carlos' thread Brian said that because it is digital one cannot learn the profile. Is there a way to make this work or should we go with the Cannon version of the YN568.



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    The YN568EX does not seem to be able to be controlled by the V6?
    Only the Canon version of the YN568EX is currently supported.

    And you are right, the V6 can only create profiles for flash models with a legacy (analogue) TTL mode.
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    Hi there,

    Does V6 work with the Olympus version of YN568EX (II)?

    And while I'm here, does V6 support radio HSS when in use with RF60
    or is line of sight still required?

  • Hello Miko,

    May I help? We have released the latest firmware for V6 to support the remote power control with dedicated Olympus flashes. Unfortunately, we have not test YN568EX (II). Maybe you can try using any Olympus profile in the V6 with YN568EX (II). Hope that will work. If not, it won't hurt your flash either.

    In case the flash is not supported profiling, the V6 is still capable to work as a wireless manual flash trigger without remote power control. Select MANUAL FLASH in V6's menu when necessary.

    FYI, the V6 doesn't support HSS when in use with RF60.

    All the best.
    Ray Chan

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    Harvest One Limited
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    FYI, the V6 doesn't support HSS when in use with RF60.
    That isn't 100% correct.

    The V6 does not trick the camera into believing it is dealing with an HSS-capable flash, but one can set an RF60 into HSS mode manually and trigger it with a V6.

    In other words, one can use multiple RF60 as off-camera HSS flashes, using radio communication (without requiring line of sight).

    Some camera brands require a true HSS-capable flash connected to the camera in order to allow the user to go beyond the sync-speed and still get a flash trigger signal. In this case one can use the V6 as an optical slave near the HSS-capable flash and fire multiple off-camera RF60 in HSS mode.

    With all camera brands, once you reach a certain shutter speed, a pre-sync trigger signal will be required. One can get that either from another HSS-capable radio trigger, or one uses the pre-flash of an HSS-capable flash and aligns the triggering of the off-camera RF60 in HSS mode by using a delay timer (either on the triggering V6 or on all receiving RF60).

    Hope this helps.
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