V6 IIs with Nissin i60as

Nissin i60as profile is not in the pre-installed list. Is the V6 IIs fully compatible with the i60as? Thanks.


  • We don't have the i60as to test. However, the V6IIs is designed to support Sony system flashes, including the third party. Even the i60as profile is not in the pre-installed list, you can use the AUTO profile to get the V6II work with i60as. 

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  • Hi Raychan,

    I have been testing the V6IIs with the Nissin i60as in the last few days. All functions are working perfectly, except the V6IIs will not trigger the i60as in M mode. The V6IIs is mounted on the A7II multishoe and the i60as is mounted on top of the V6IIs. If I mount the i60as directly on the camera multishoe, The M mode on the i60as works fine.

    I tried the V6IIs in both the TTL pass-through mode and non-TTL pass-through mode. I tried both the Sony profile and the AUTO Sony profile. None of them works in M mode. Please advise.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi penni2771
    When you said "M mode" are you talking about your camera or your flash?
  • Hi lansa301,

    M mode is set on the flash.


  • Your flash must be on Auto TTL. Otherwise the Cactus V6IIS cannot control it and adjust the power level and the zoom head.
    You cannot use your flash on Manual mode paired with the V6IIS.
    You can still use one flash on your camera over the Cactus V6IIS (Tx) using the TTL pass-throught function.
    The V6IIS (Tx) on your camera can control the off-camera flashes and also the flash attached to it.

  • Hi lansa301,

    Thank you for the clarification. I guess this is one area the V6IIs could be improved, by having the TTL pass-through functions exactly as if the flash is mounted directly on the camera's MIS. Sometimes I want to control the power of the flash attached to the on-camera V6IIs manually, but it looks like I will need to use FEL to sort of compensate for the lack of this capability.

    Best regards.

  • edited March 2017
    Yes, you can control it from the V6IIS (TX)
    Cactus V6IIS User Manual. Page 38:
    "You may also adjust the power level of the 

    on-camera flash that you have mounted on the 

    V6 IIs in TX mode. 

    1. Make sure that the TTL pass-through mode 

    has not been activated (see Section 8).

    2. Press (Menu) and turn the selection dial 

    simultaneously to change the power level 

    of the on-camera flash."
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