PowerSync with V6


Is it possible to use the PowerSync function on two V6  (one on camera, one with a flash) with the latest firmware? 


  • No, the V6 only has a PowerSync capability as a receiver. You need a V6II to get PowerSync for the transmitter side.
  • Thank you for your reply, Class A!
    It's a pity. I have 3 units of V6. I was thinking to buy another unit of V6 II but the ordinary HSS mode still won't work with my V6 units. Buying a V6 II only because of the PowerSync with its limitations isn't too wise. I guess I'll wait till Cactus produces units with a TTL compatibility or it's better to look at other brands. Or maybe buying a variable ND filter is the wisest choice :)
  • Hi @skyer, why would you upgrade to a TTL version but not the HSS when you only needed the HSS? :)

    Or is TTL is a big plus in your shooting environment?
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

    To help us better help you, always state the exact firmware version installed on your Cactus device(s), such as: "1.1.013", "NIK.A.001", "v.103", or "A06".

    TTL or HSS not working on Cactus V6 II and V6 IIs? Be sure to check hot shoe connectivity by doing the <CAMERA INFO> check.

    Feel free to suggest an improvement or share product ideas. Contact us directly at info@cactus-image.com.  At Cactus, we listen. 
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