Cactus RF60 with Cactus V6 ll

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I purchased these two units in January, At first I assumed it was working well, then I stored it until a week ago. Since then it has been nothing but problems. I use a Nikon D3. It will not allow me to use the RF60 off camera as was my intentions. I also have a Nikon Speedlight SB24, I have read the manuals, very confusing instructions. I put my V6 on the camera hotshoe and my RF60 off camera, It does not fire under any settings, if I push the test light it fires, I need simple setting up procedures, perhaps I misunderstood the instructions. If I place my Nikon speedlight on the camera and the RF60 off camera on the V6 ll, it looks like it is working, not confirmed yet, but my intention was to operate with one flash off camera. Both units have been updated, reset back to factory settings and again updated both units and still not working like it should, what is the secret to doing this? Can you give me some easier instructions, I have been going crazy with this for so long. Perhaps I should sell it? But I dont wish to do this unless it works fine in which case I might keep it. Can you please help me? Many thanks for any help


  • Well now its 24 hrs later since I posted original and 24 have read it but no solutions. Must be very difficult to tell me how to make this Cactus work on a Nikon D3, Have read the 100 page instruction manual, so long. The Mecablitz 45CL 4 manual is only 5 pages, and works everytime. Is anybody out there that can help or should I just take it as a loss and but a real flash gun like the Xplor 600 TTL or similar.

    Thanks for response
  • How do I see if anyone posts a comment or solution, I have had 27 views but no one has commented anything, this is very strange, someone please say something.
  • Please help us to help you.
    Which is the Firmware version on your V6II and your RF60?
    Please let us know the number. It is very important due to the compatibility between the RF60 and the V6II is granted by the Firmware.
    You have mentioned the V6. Is it a typo or you also have the original V6 version too?
    In the simplest scenario, the V6II is on your camera, on TX mode. And the RF60 is your Off-camera flash.
    Please tell us in which mode is your RF60 flash. Local, Master or Slave?
    Are your V6II and the RF60 on the same channel?
    Have you enter any Radio ID number on your V6II different from 0000?
    Is the Optical Slave turned off?
    The RF60 have integrated a radio transceiver. So you do not need to mount it on any other V6II.
    The RF60 can be optically triggered from any other flash using the Optical Slave mode. But you cannot remotely control the power level or the zoom head.
    The V6II is designed to be used with Digital TTL flashes. If you want to use your SB-24 off-camera you will need the original version V6. designed to work with analoge TTL flashes, like yours.
  • Ok, SOmeone on Cactus Image on Facebook has answered me and resolved the isses, I have upgradeded the firmware yo 1.007 for the V6 ll and 204 for the RF60, yes I had it set correctly to Slave and the frecuency and channels were the same, nonetheless, Thank you all, I was losing all hope of this working, Thank you Thank you
  • How do you check the firmware on the transmitters and the flash?

  • How do you check the firmware on the transmitters and the flash?

    On the RF60: With the flash turned off, push and hold the NEXT button and turn on the flash. The Firmware version is going to be shown on the display until you release the NEXT button.
    On the V6II there are to ways:
    - With the unit turned off, push and hold simultaneously the A and D group buttons and turn on (TX or RX) the unit. Release the buttons. The Firmware version is going to be shown on the display for few seconds.
    - With the unit turned on, push the menu button, turn the dial one click clockwise to show the Preference menu. Push the OK button once. Turn the dial two clicks clockwise. The Firmware version is displayed. Click the Menu button to exit.

  • First, do you have V6II or V6 units?
    You are posting in the V6II part of the forum, but refer to your triggers as V6.

    Second, are you putting the V6(II) that goes on the camera in Tx mode?

    Is the channel setting the same on all units (including the RF60)?

    Have you used the button that checks for the latest firmware versions? Just pressing "Update" will not give you the latest firmware version.

    Finally, try setting the work range on the V6(II) transmitter to "SHORT". This will prevent issues with radio communication over very short distances.
  • Class A,

    I have the latest the V6 ll
    Yes it is in TX mode
    Same same channels
    Yes I have now updated correctly and have to correct updates
    It is set to short

    It is now working Thank you very much
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