There is no flashing on Canon 430 EX in second-curtain sync


I've just noticed that there is no flashing, only pre-flash on the Canon 430 EX in second-curtain sync (either TTL or manual mode). If I set the flash system to Auto, I get overexposed image in this mode (TTL on the flash) or no flash (manual mode on the flash). TTL passthrough is automatically turned off in this case and I am not allowed to turn it ON when setting the Flash System to Auto. Changing the flash profile: Canon 430 EX or Canon - none of them work.

Default settings:

Camera System: Canon
Flash System: Canon
Flash Profile: Canon 430EX (or Auto Canon)

Tested on Canon 5D3 and 5D4. Cactus V6 (I) works fine, only the V6 II has the problem.
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