Fujifilm XT-2 + V^ II + EF-X8 + RF60X

Hi Guys, first of all, despite all the posts I read about fujifilm HSS not working with Cactus system, I found it quite straight forward after a bit of googling and youtubing. Works great!

Now I bought a Cactus V6 II to control a RF60X remotely (both updated to the latest software as of today). However as a catch light, I wish to fire the EF-X8 flash which came with XT-2 from the hotshoe of the V6 II, while the RF60X is fired wirelessly to provide the main light. However I cant get the EF-X8 to fire from the Cactus V6 II.

I have tried every Fuji flash profile, and played with camera profiles, and many other settings e.g. TTL pass through. The EF-X8 flash fires when connected directly to the camera, but not via the V6 II hotshoe (which is connected to the XT-2).
I hope the answer is not simply "It does not support it." ?


  • ... I hope the answer is not simply "It does not support it." ?
    Sorry but we will have to disappoint you.

    This type of flash works only when mounted directly on the camera. 

    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

    To help us better help you, always state the exact firmware version installed on your Cactus device(s), such as: "1.1.013", "NIK.A.001", "v.103", or "A06".

    TTL or HSS not working on Cactus V6 II and V6 IIs? Be sure to check hot shoe connectivity by doing the <CAMERA INFO> check.

    Feel free to suggest an improvement or share product ideas. Contact us directly at info@cactus-image.com.  At Cactus, we listen. 
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