Profoto air remote freezing with cactus v6ii

Hi there,
I own a Pentax 645z and bought a v6ii to be able to fire some Profoto b1s using a air-remote canon on the very top. Everything worked flawlessly for the first weeks and now after some fires the air remote will keep working but will remain frozen (have to remove the batteries to turn it off). When the air remote is out of the cactus it's behaves as it should.

Tried the same thing with another remote from a rental service and the same happens.

Any clue?


  • Well, the V6II are not supposed to be used on that way.
    You can read other posts here from people that is using two different radio triggers at same time with other studio strobes.
  • Well...thanks but I am not interested in other strobes since only the B1s are available for me.
    There is one guy that used that same setup and posted a video on youtube. Tigger stacking with four b1s. Worked for him.
    Guess I had some bad luck
  • My suggestion is not to change your strobes, but to read those posts about how they are stacking the V6II with other radio triggers. Maybe you can find the way that works for you.
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