Broken manual mode functionality with X-TTL firmware (X-T2, X-Pro2, Canon 600EX-RT)?

I already tested the new X-TTL (FUJ.1.001) functionality on my FUJI X-T2 and X-Pro2 with Canon 600EX-RT flashes and wireless TTL works great and reliable! This is really spectacular - thanks a lot. Cactus Team is doing great :)

But wireless manual mode is no longer working. Flashes fires only every 2nd release and pictures are always way overexposed. Everything is well connected and firmware is up to date. It would be great to get some advise.

I checkt the original Fuji flash EF-X500 and it works fine in wireless TTL as well as wireless manual mode.

Thanks in advance



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    For a better understanding:

    I checked the original Fuji flash EF-X500 with Cactus V6II Triggers und X-TTL and it works fine in wireless TTL as well as wireless manual mode. A Fuji EF-42 works fine that way also. I only have a manual mode issue with my Canon flashes.

  • Update:

    Canon EF270 EX (Vers.I) works only in TTL with Cactus V6II Triggers and X-TTL. Same for Canon Makro-TTL Ringflash MR14EX (Vers. I). And
    TTL Ratio on MR14EX isn't working.

    Curious to see more improvements with firmware updates.

    Again, great Job !

  • I have the same issue with Fuji X-T2 and Canon 580 EX II. TTL works fine inkl. HSS. 
    But manual mode is broken at least with the Canon 580 EX II connected to the V6II receiver.
    In my case with x-speed 1/250s flash is not triggered at all. In HSS an manual setting (means 1/1000s) the Canon 580 EX II will be triggered but half of the picture is black.
    The Fuji related menu item learn HSS is not available anymore. For a multi flash setup manual mode is really important, that's why I will downgrade the firmware.


  • Yepp, same here with T2 and 580exII
  • Dear all,

    Thank you for the reporting. We are noted the bug, which will be fixed shortly.

    All the best
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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    I have similar problem I guess.

    I have two V6II. One with the old dial, and other one with the new dial.

    I upgraded both of them to (FUJ.1.001). So, I put the V6II (new dial as TX) on top of X-T2... while V6II (old dial as RX) was connected with 3.5 to 6.35 sync cord Godox QS600. Trigger wouldn't fire at all. I can see the light blinking on RX trigger but no fires. So, I switched the triggers, having the V6II (old dial as TX) on top of X-T2 while V6II (new dial RX) connecting to strobe. It would fire but I can see banding at the bottom of the screen. Even if I use one of them on top X-T2 with Godox XT32C trigger or FT-16 sitting on top of V6II (old & new as TX), it will still show banding. It isn't the problem if using 1st party ETTL speedlights. It is the problem with strobes without TTL/HSS. Problem is there with V850, DS200 & QS600. I havn't tried QT600. I stopped using QT600 for Powersync because I didn't want to use it at full power all the time, this why I got the QS600 for that slow flash duration.

    So, here's what I did. I downgraded the V6II (new dial) to 1.1.010 and did the Learn-Test. Connected XT32C sitting on top of the hotshoe with sync cable connecting to V6II (new dial) and then it shows very clean frame without any banding.

    So, whatever it was on .010 needs to be in the next firmware update of Fuji XTTL hopefully.
  • Hi Ray,

    here are some more test results with two V6II (FUJ.1001) and a Canon 600EX-RT in manual mode (V6II in manual, EX-RT in TTL), V6II triggered by a PC-sync cable only and flash power adjustments on V6II TX and RX are shown well and synchronized but flash output on EX-RT won't change anymore.

    Hope this helps

    With kind regards

  • Hi,

    downloaded your new Firmware FUJ.1.002 and manual mode functionality (Setup Fuji X-T2, 2x V6II in manual mode and 600EX-RT in TTL) is no longer broken. It works like a charm, you are so genius. Thank you so much.

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