if i have 1 v6 iis on my sony would it trigger my 2 v6 with canon ex430ii flashes?


  • If your V6 have the latest firmware the answer is yes.
    You can remotely control the flash power but not the head zoom.
    Your only option to use your flashes above your max. sync speed is the Absolute Power.
    You are not going to have remote TTL.
  • Thank you @lansa301

    If you need TTL, please get another V6 II with X-TTL firmware update. That will allow you to trigger the Canon flash in TTL from the V6IIs on Sony camera. 

    BTW, you also need to update the X-TTL for V6IIs if you wish to use wireless TTL.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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