Remote camera is not shooting properly


Weeks later and I'm still in HELL.

Camera 1 set to 1/1000s for sports - camera remote is also at 1/1000s

Remote camera needs to match it shot for shot

Both set to continuous drive.

Camera 1 (Canon 7D Mkii) in my hand - is set to autofocus on athletes at 10fps. I cannot turn off AF on this camera.

Remote (Canon 1D Mkiii) is manually focussed and AF turned off. Set to 10 fps 1/1000s

Here is my issue:

CAMERA 1 - bangs off 3 shots
REMOTE CAMERA only takes 1!!!

Please help. This is for work. If your product doesn't do this please explain WHY (because no one at camera store is helping me and no one shoots sports - and I simply do not understand the process therefore am getting nowhere and wasting more time and money than I have on triggers and cables that do not solve my problem ) and tell me what I need to buy. I am going to lose jobs if I can't get this sorted!

I even tried to use 1DX as Camera 1 to see if that helped at all - but the sync cable supplied with V5 does not reach the port! It's too short.

Thank you.


  • It seems like you'd need the optional "SPORTS SHUTTER" mode of the V6.

    The V5 probably does not support mirroring the burst shots of a primary camera with a secondary camera. Someone from Cactus will hopefully correct me, if I'm wrong.

    I'm assuming you are keeping the shutter release button pressed when firing off the three shots on camera 1. I believe this will create only one trigger event for the V5, hence you'll only get one exposure from camera 2.

    A certain firmware update for the V6 introduced the "SPORTS SHUTTER" mode to address the above situation.

    The only action you could take with a V5, AFAIC, is trying to only connect it to camera 2 via the shutter release cable, i.e., try to not also put it in the hot-shoe of camera 2.

    P.S.: Not sure why you are talking about a sync-cable that is too short. Sync-cables are for triggering flashes or other triggers. To trigger a camera, you need a shutter release cable (that fits the camera).

    Also, why do you write it is too short? For camera 1, the V5 only needs to be sitting on the hot-shoe. You don't need any cable for camera 1. Only for camera 2, you need a shutter release cable and the latter cannot really be too short , as you can just leave the V5 dangling from it (or attach it anywhere nearby). The receiving V5 does not need to be on camera 2's hot-shoe (and probably should not be there, in order to avoid problems).
  • Hello! Thank you for verifying above!

    I mention the sync cable is too short for camera 1, because camera 1 needs this plugged in, in order to send the signal to remote camera, which has trigger plugged into shutter port. Have I missed something? It won't trigger the second camera without that (or so I was told).

    I REALLY appreciate you letting me know about the V6 SPORTS SHUTTER mode. That's exactly what the V5 will NOT do.

    Thanks again!!!!
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    I mention the sync cable is too short for camera 1, because camera 1 needs this plugged in, in order to send the signal to remote camera, which has trigger plugged into shutter port. Have I missed something? It won't trigger the second camera without that (or so I was told).
    I don't see why camera 1 needs a cable at all.

    It should be sufficient to simply mount the V5 on camera 1's hot-shoe.

    Only if you wanted to use a system-dedicated flash on camera 1's hot-shoe, then triggering the V5 through a cable would make sense.

    You certainly don't need camera 1's V5 to be on its hot-shoe and connected via sync-cable. One of those connection options is sufficient.

    Hope this helps as well.
  • THANK YOU!!!!! You've clarified so much for me today. I really appreciate it! Looks like the V6ii will do the trick.

    Very grateful for your time!
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    You are welcome. :)

    Hope you'll get it sorted.

    You may need two V6 units, though. I have my doubts whether one V5 as a trigger and a V6 as receiver in SPORTS SHUTTER mode would do the trick. I wouldn't expect that.

    Plus, not that a V6 should be sufficient for your purposes. The V6II is great when you need HSS and it will support automatic metering for many systems in the future, but for your purposes, the V6 (without the " II ") should be fine.
  • Hi. If anyone is around... I am now at camera store - AGAIN. Have a set of V6ii that I had to special order. Sports Shutter mode activated per manual instructions.

    ITS STILL NOT WORKING. I have cameras set properly. I have read the manual. If I bang off 3 shots in Tx camera - I either get ONE OR NO SHOTS in Rx camera - whether or not Rx camera has unit in hot shoe or not (camera staff throwing a bunch of suggestions out - nothing works)

    I need both cameras firing 1/1000 ss shot for shot. No one here understands the Cactus system or what I need to accomplish. They shoot portraits.


    If not, I'm giving up on this system completely. Wasted enough time and money.

    Thank you.
  • Hi. If anyone is around... 
    Just so that we are on the same page, please tell me which firmware version your V6 II is running on?

    In case you haven't already, update the V6 II to the latest version using the Cactus Firmware Updater, the latest version is V3.02.

    And the latest firmware version for your Canon cameras would be 1.1.010 (Multi-brand HSS). 

    Thank you.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

    To help us better help you, always state the exact firmware version installed on your Cactus device(s), such as: "1.1.013", "NIK.A.001", "v.103", or "A06".

    TTL or HSS not working on Cactus V6 II and V6 IIs? Be sure to check hot shoe connectivity by doing the <CAMERA INFO> check.

    Feel free to suggest an improvement or share product ideas. Contact us directly at  At Cactus, we listen. 
  • SueS, if everything else fails, you could try swapping the cameras (use your 7D to trigger and the 1D as a remote camera) to see whether that makes a difference.

    This may not be the configuration you want, but it could help with troubleshooting.
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