Nikon D500, V6II , Yongnuo YN-568EX off camera are not compatible

I'm so frustrated. Have spent
hours after hours solving V6II problems. First, with my NikonSB-910 flash. Now
this seems to work as off camera Flash. In order to get the Nikon SB-910 to
work, I had to do the following in the Nikon SB-910 menu:

FX / DX : 
Had to change from DX to FX
M Zoom : 
Switch to off


I have read the entire user manual. Now I would
like Cactus to come up with a solution Fast so I can use my Yongnuo YN-568EX as
off camera flash. If not, I will request to be refunded for the two V6II
devices I have purchased.

I invested in the Cactus system because of the
ability to use different flash types. The only thing  V6II has given me is frustration.


YN-568 EX is on the Cactus list of flash that is

Why, when I does not work.

Why is it a * after the Flash profile?

Either way, this profile does not work.

Have also tried other variations such as Nikon
Flash fires of 1/1 full power when it is set to
1/128 on TX device and flash fires only once. When I press the camera shutter
relase again, nothing happens.Terje Nicolaysen

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