Problem with RF60

After using my RF60 successfully and without problem for maybe 300 flashes it now appears to have developed a fault. Whenever I switch the unit on it starts popping loudly and there is a smell akin to overheating. The unit will fire but the batteries (not rechargeable) seem to get very hot after a couple of flashes. I've tried changing the batteries and re setting the unit but still the same. Looks like a faulty unit?


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    Hello Ellar,

    I'm sorry to hear the fault. In a normal situation, the Cactus RF60 sound's quietly whenever it switches on. No matter it is at the startup or during the operation. From your description, the popping noise and the smell to overheating are not common. Have you contact your dealer for warranty? 

    On the other hand, the batteries usually get hot during operation because there is a large amount of current going through the batteries in use. Don't worry. It's normal. Please allow the flash to cool down for few minutes, the temperature will reduce.

    For you reference, the RF60 has a overheat protection system. If you fire more than 20 continuous flashes at full power in short intervals, the inner overheating prevention function may be activated to prolong the recycling time to about 8 to 20 seconds. The temperature warning signal  will appear on the display panel. If this occurs, please allow a rest time of about 15 minutes and the flash will then return to normal.

    If you have more concerns, please let us know.


  • I bought it from Gadget Infinity so will contact them. 

    The popping and cracking  sound has got louder and louder and it actually sounds like the unit could explode. It will still flash but even after two flashes the batteries are so hot you can't hold them. 

    Leaving it to cool down for a few hours has no effect and as soon as you switch the unit on the cracking and popping sounds return. I'm not joking when I say that it sounds like it is about to explode  ;-)

    Thanks for the quick response.
  • Wow. Don't worry!

    All Cactus product, including the RF60, is covered by 1 year warranty. For your reference, Gadget Infinity is our official online store. We definitely take full responsibility to resolve your flash. Just drop us an email at with your order info., we will contact you for repair / replacement unit.

    I hope this is helpful.


  • Very helpful. 

    I have already been in touch with Gadget Infinity and the speed of their response (as you's) is incredible. Cactus make great products and I will definitely be ordering more. 

    I think I was just unlucky on this occasion.

    Thanks again
  • Awesome. Thank you for the positive feedback.
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