Canon 5D Mark IV with Cactus V6II


I have been a Cactus user for a long time. I used my XT1 previously and onto XT2. I got a job and it requires me to use Canon full frame so I switched to Canon 5D Mark IV. I used HSS on my XT2 with no issues at all.

The setup on my XT2 is: One V6II on XT2 hotshoe, One V6II with cord plugged into my Jinbei HD600v strobe and HSS works fine with the standard steps.

I tried the same setup on my Canon 5D Mark IV but it just couldnt trigger HSS. Normal sync is fine. Is this an issue only on canon 5d mark IV? Anyone else experiencing the same problem?


  • Can you check which firmware is using on your V6II?

    I recommend using V6II firmware V1.1.011 for Canon 5D III. That's cross-brand HSS version that will resolve the problem.

    FYI, in case you updated the V6II with X-TTL firmware (FUJ.1.002) for Fujifilm. It's a single camera system (FUJI) only. It doesn't work for Canon camera. 

    Just want to be sure you have one V6II in TX mode on camera an another V6II in RX mode connecting to the strobe sync terminal with 3.5mm sync cable. 

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Thank for the reply. Yes it is on V1.1.011 and yes my V6II in TX mode on camera and another V6II in RX mode connecting to the strobe sync terminal with 3.5mm sync cable.

    I also realise that 5D Mark IV has a PC Sync slot. Do I have to use the pcsync cable from the 5DMKIV connecting to the V6II with 3.5mm sync cable? The V6II will be slotted on the camera hotshoe.

    I am exhausted of any other solution :(

  • Greetings,

    It turns out that the problem is the settings on my MKIV. I managed to make it work. Glad that I didn't have to sell my V6II away. Thanks once again. This thread can be closed. Cheers!
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