V6 IIs and V6 with Sony HVL-F60M

Is it possible to mount the F60M on the V6 IIs (with adapter) and fire it from an original V6?

If so, what are the limitations in functionality, specifically:

1) Will it support power adjustment?

2) Will it zoom?

I have four RF60s triggered by a V6 on my Sony A77V, and also have a Sony F60M that I'd like to include in my flash setups.

Many thanks - F


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    The Cactus V6IIS have the mi (Multi Interface) hot shoe male and female. You do not need any adapter to stack the HVL-F60M.
    But you cannot use the original V6 as the transmitter and the V6IIS as a receiver.
    You can use the V6II as the transmitter and the V6 as receivers.
    Yesterday Cactus have announced that the RF60 is TTL compatible via the new firmware.
    You still need the adapter to mount the V6IIS on your SLT-A77V camera.
    With the new X-TTL firmware you will have HSS and remote TTL. Of course, you can set the power and head zoom manually any time.

    At the end, with two V6IIS you can add your HVL-F60M to your current set.
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