Trigger V6IIs with V5

May it seems like a really stupid question, but I'm new in the whole cactus world. I already got a V5 Duo for my Sony A7 to trigger my Canon Speedlight. Now a purchased a V6IIs to trigger my Sony F60M, but it seems like I can't Use the V5 as TX to trigger the V6IIs (RX). Am I right, do I need to purchase another V6IIs?

Thanks for your Help!


  • You can use it on the reverse way, the V6IIS attached to your A7 camera and the V5 on the Canon flash. But only as a simple trigger.
    If your Canon flash is Digital TTL you can get the V6II, not the V6IIS. You can use TTL, HSS and many other advanced functions.
    If your Canon flash is analoge TTL you can use the original V6 and but without remote TTL and HSS only using the "Power sync" option.
    The V6IIS is only compatible with cameras and flashes that already have the MI hot shoe.
    Well, you can use an adapter to use gear with the AL (Minolta/Sony) hot shoe.
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