Using Sony Flash with V6II Tx in manual mode


Is it possible to us a V6II Tx on e.g. a Olympus and a V6IIs Rx with a Sony flash in manual mode or any mode?

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    Not with the hot shoe, because is different and the SONY flash will not fit on the iISO hot shoe of the Cactus V6II.
    Your only option is to use a sync cable to connect the V6II to the Sony flash.

    PS, Of course, using a sync cable the V6II will be act as a simple trigger. You will need to made any changes directly on the Sony flash.
  • The plan was to put the Sony flash on the V6IIs which should the fitting hotshoe.
  • Maybe Cactus staff can confirm the info. I understood that is probable that the V6II as Tx is not fully compatible with the V6IIS as Rx.
    Looks like there are nor many people with Sony flashes and other camera systems.
    If you do not have any Sony camera, maybe you can consider sell the Sony flash and get the some Cactus RF60X. The Cactus flash is really good and fully compatible with the V6II, the receiver is already integrated to the flash.
    Sorry, first time I missed that you already have a V6IIS.
  • Sony flash cannot be triggered by any non-Sony camera.

    In other words, you must use a Sony camera in order to work with a Sony system flash.

    Thank you.
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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