Functionality of Tx hot shoe when not in TTL passthrough mode

I don't think I see any info in the manual about how the Tx side works on camera when a compatible flash is mounted in the hot shoe and Tx is not in TTL pass through mode.

I don't suppose there could be anything as nifty as setting the on camera flash to a different group to allow differential power setting?  :)

Thanks for any pointers.                ...edN


  • An on-camera flash (on an on-camera V6 transmitter) is in its own group (outside of groups A-D).

    If you do not use TTL pass-through, you should select the correct flash profile on the V6 Tx and then you can manually control the flash's power level with the V6 Tx (by pressing "MENU" and turning the dial).
  • Thank you for this. I will test.

    I have been having trouble understanding and getting results with TTL pass through. Perhaps this is because the flashes I am using -- SB28 and Metz 58AF-1 -- are not fully TTL compatible with my Nikon D700 -- the SB28 not at all, the Metz, mostly compatible. Consequently, the SB28 'sort of' works but the Metz will not even allow the shutter to be triggered.

    Hence my interest in using the on-camera hot shoe in 'normal' mode with the SB28.

    Which raises a related question: The Metz 58AF-1 is incompatible with the V6. Does that mean not _yet_ compatible? Or is there some technical reason that the 58AF-1 will _never_ work with the V6?

    Thanks again.           ...edN

  • Back to your instructions, Class A. I am using two SB28s with a Nikon D700 -- one on camera via V6 TX, set to TTL and one off camera via V6 RX also set to TTL. Both V6s are configured with SB28 profiles.

    My preliminary test indicates that the off camera flash responds as expected to adjustments made to the RX rotary button. However, if I press the MENU, i.e., the extreme rear, right-hand button, I see the usual set-up display -- Channel 1 in my case.  I see no indication of an extra/virtual group or any other, different display indicating I'm adjusting only the on-camera flash (and not the remote.)

    The on camera flash fires but seems to be a pre-flash because it has litle to no effect on the exposure. And, no, TTL pass through is not configured.

    My firmware level is 1.0.152.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks.                            ...edN

  • I have an apology to make:  after finally and really reading the docs and these pages, I see that nothing is said about the profiling of the Metz 58 AF-1.

    In fact it seems to be possible, I've done it and I'm testing the results right now. Since I have two of these beasts, I'm delighted to think I'll be able to use them and not worry about those old SB28s passing out in the middle of something important.

    However, I'm still confused about if/how to use a profiled flash on camera, on a V6 and _not_ in TTL pass through mode. Even if it's 'undefined' at this stage that info would help me move on with testing and lighting setup.

    Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the help.                     ...edN

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    You can use a flash on-camera (on a V6 in Tx mode) just like you use a flash off-camera.

    You can set the V6's flash profile to the flash you are using (choose "MANUAL" if the flash is not supported). If the flash is supported, you can adjust the power of the flash by simultaneously pressing the "MENU" button and turning the selection dial.

    Alternatively, just set the on-camera flash to manual mode and adjust its power using the flash controls.

    Hope this helps.
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