Optical trigger on canon 580 ex ii

Hi i just bought cactus v6
I connected canon 580 exii on top of it select profile for canon and put slave s2 mode (canon 580 is in ttl mode)
I want my external flash (profoto acuteB) flash trigger my canon flash
The problem is the optical trigger does not work
It triggers flash only half a miter away from v6. One meter away flash does not trigger

The second question if i buy 2d unit would it be able to trigger my strobe flash (i have profoto accute b accumulator that i would like to connect with 2d v6 device using cord )?


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    regarding the optical trigger distance: You should be able to get better performance than just half a meter, but the V6's sensor was definitely designed for flash calibration rather than optical triggering. Try to aim the V6's sensor straight at the external flash; it has a pretty narrow field of view.

    If you have a spare V6, you could keep it very near the external flash to ensure optical triggering and trigger your V6 receiver via radio communication. Probably not a workaround you would like to employ, but I thought I'd mention it nevertheless.

    Regarding your second question: Yes, you can trigger any strobe with the V6 as long as you obtain the fitting sync cable. You won't be able to remote control the power setting of strobes via sync cables, though.
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