Cactus V6 trigger studio strobe


Can one use a v6 to trigger a Profoto or Elinchrom studio strobe like with a pocketwizard or similar?


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    You can trigger any strobe as long as you obtain the respective sync cable to connect the V6 to the strobe.

    You won't be able to remote control the power setting of the strobe with the V6, though.
  • When you mention sync cables, are these like those used for Profoto or Elinchrom? That is, are they a short cord between the strobe and the trigger or do they have to connect to the camera as well?
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    Yes, they are just short leads between the strobe and the (receiver) trigger. At the V6 end, its is a standard 3.5mm stereo plug. At the strobe end, it depends on the strobe. It could be the same 3.5mm connector, or sometimes it is a 6.5mm plug (as you can find it on some Hi-Fi headphones).
  • Hi,

    what setting on the V6 do you recommend for working with studio strobes, please?

    Manual flash perhaps?

  • If you connect the V6 to a strobe with a cable, the profile should not matter.

    Triggering (without remote power control) works the same for all strobes/flashes.
  • Thanks for confirming that Class A

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