Using PocketWizard Flex TT1/TT5 via TTL passthru mode


I already own a PocketWizard Flex TT1 and two TT5's and a pair of Canon 430EXII's, so I'm sorted for TTL nonsense. However, I'm very interested in your V6/RF60 gear and was wondering if the following scenario would be possible:

I started thinking that, if the V6 TTL passthru mode makes a flash (e.g. 430EXII) think it's connected directly to the camera, would it do the same for a Flex TT1/TT5? My idea is simple. I would like a pair of RF60's as background lights, with a V6 on-camera controlling their power/zoom settings. I would then have a Flex TT1 on top of the V6 (with passthru active) which would trigger a Flex TT5 with 430EXII attached in TTL mode. That way any subject movement/changes in front of camera would be handled by the TTL of the PocketWizard setup and the non-changing background would be light and controlled by the Cactus system.

Before anyone chimes in and suggests just getting another TT5 and 430EXII, along with an AC3 from PocketWizard, it's actually CHEAPER for me to get the Cactus gear! Plus the RF60 is more powerful than the 430EXII. Anything more powerful from Canon really starts pushing the budget.

One snag springs to mind - with a device (flash, TT1, etc.) attached to a camera-mounted V6, in TTL passthru, can the power of remote RF60's still be adjusted via the V6?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,



  • First, the V6 can remote control the power of RF60s even if it is in TTL pass-through mode.

    Second, whether the Flex TT1 will work on top of a V6 depends on whether the Flex TT1 will behave like one oft the natively supported flashes. I'd say there is a good chance that it will work, but I don't have the gear to test it (Pentax user here).

    Does the Flex TT1 have an sync port? If so, you could connect the V6 to it via a cable (or the V6 to the camera via a cable, if the latter has a sync port). This would allow you to use the Flex TT1 directly on camera, in case there are TTL pass-through issues. You'd have to find a place for the V6, though...
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    Thanks for the response - I suppose I could also mount the V6 on top of the TT1 on the camera (i.e. [camera]-[TT1]-[V6] instead of [camera]-[V6]-[TT1]), as it doesn't require all the TTL connections. It might look weird, but it'd (hopefully) do the job!

  • Just thought I'd send you a quick update...

    I bit the bullet and bought a V6 and a couple of RF60's and decided to test them at a wedding I was shooting recently. The RF60/V6 combo performed admirably, but what really impressed me was that I COULD use my PocketWizard TT1 on top of the V6 on camera and send a TTL signal to a PocketWizard TT5 with 430EXII attached! I could even stick a PocketWizard AC3 on top of the TT1 and adjust flash output of the 430EXII.

    Granted, the bizarre tower of trigger equipment I ended up having on the camera was a little cumbersome (V6-TT1-AC3), but it all worked flawlessly.

    So if anyone else asks if you can use a TT1/TT5 on top of a V6 in TTL passthru mode just direct 'em back here!


  • Hi Pete,

    thanks for the update! Good to know that your tower of power worked. :)
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