LV5 pairing with a V5

I use the laser LV5 trigger system with a wired third party wireless flash system and understood that a V5 would pair using the channels set to the same frequency, I have purchased a V5 yet it doesn’t seem to talk to the LV5. I have tried new batteries on the V5 yet have no led lights or any indication it works, can you give me any help or shall I return it to the supplier?


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    If you set both devices (LV5 and V5) to the same channel and the V5 to Rx mode then they should communicate.

    Have you tried pressing the test button on the LV5 to see whether that causes the LED on the V5 receiver to light up green?

    P.S.: Make sure the V5 receiver is about 30cm or so away from the LV5. If it is too close, you may suffer from radio signal overload.
  • Excellent distance was the key, all units were on the work bench and obviously too close, many thanks for the prompt response 👍🏻
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