V6ii added time (ms) delay without going into the menu

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Gears: 1x V6iis, 3x V6ii, 5D3, A7, Flashes: 580exii, 430exii

Using latest TTL canon firmware, updated June 23 2018

One 580exii RX is in group A, while other 430exii RX is in group B

The problem, one of the RX V6ii keeps going into delay mode. I did NOT go into the TX menu and setup delay trigger.

I did a factory reset on the 580exii RX, only to see the delay issue on the RX return later on. This only occur to one the RX connected to 580exii. 430exii RX is not affected.

Initially, i thought it might be how the RX is lay down with 580exii, one of the buttons might be long pressed. But after looking at the menu on how to setup the delay via TX, I rule out such possibility.

Any suggestions?



  • The Delay can be set at TX or RX unit. The actual delay value is the sum of the TX and RX. You may check whether the TX has the Delay activated.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

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  • I'm very sure I did not activate the delay via the TX

    After the RX was reset, it went into delay again. During that time, I was activity looking out to make sure I didn't accidentally press anything on the TX
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