Compatibility Cactus V6 with Yongnuo 600 RT EX2 on Canon

V6 Firmware 1.1.019
From my two initial testing sessions on Canon camera it seems the YN 600RT EX2 can be used with Cactus V6

Select YONGNUO YN568EX profile
Power the Yongnuo 600RT EX Flash on on ETTL mode
Power the V6 RT on: the flash switches to Manual Mode (!)

With the TX mounted on the hotshoe of the camera (in my case Canon 5D mkIII) the power ratio dialed on the TX are transmitted to the RX AND copied on the flash manual power ratio selection screen.
I have checked flash power (tx test button) with a flashmeter and the power is indeed updated.
Flash will fire normally when camera shoots.
This works ONLY IF the TX is on the camera. I incidently discovered it also works when the TX is on a coldshoe flash stand

If the TX is not on the camera or a coldshoe stand, the RX power ratio is updated, but for some reason, the flash is not.
It looks like pressing on the TX male pins is creating a particular arrangement in the TX than allow the RX to actually update the flash manual power ratio...


  • Thank you for sharing @Effepé

    I guess the reason is the Yongnuo YN600RT EX is running on digital TTL code, which is similar to YN568EX. It will listen to the camera flash triggering signal, not only through the center pin, but also other contact pins. So, if the TX is off the camera or on a cold shoe, there is no such signal transmitted from the camera, hence, the RX cannot trigger the remote flash.

    All the best,
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • Hi Ray
    You misunderstood me : it happens that it works also if the TX is in its coldshoe ! So when you dial up the flash power, there is nothing transmitted from the TX male shoe.
    Flash power is updated only if the TX is in a shoe (be it hot or cold). Weird !
  • What I did is to select the in under . I have a V6 TX in my hand for adjusting power. The signal is capable to transmit to the RX and trigger the flash with desired power.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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