Cactus RQ250 Dimensions

I'm a bit curious about the size of the RQ250. There are 2 videos on YouTube and the size seems to be larger that the Godox AD200. The Godox AD200 barely fits into an S bracket, some actually modified the bracket. My question is very simple: will there be a different mount made available for the RQ250?


  • The Lighting Rumours article about the RQ250 shows the dimensions to be 194mm x 80mm x 80mm.

    The RQ250 hence won't fit any standard speedlight bracket, but the same Lighting Rumours article mentions that there will be a Bowens S-mount adapter available as an accessory.
  • Yes, there will be mount adapters and Bowens S-Type has been popular so that's on the list. We may consider making more adapters down the road.

    FYI the RQ250 has a bayonet mount and we will offer a range of modifiers with that bayonet mount.

    @Highlander59 Thanks for your interest in the RQ250!
    Antonio Lao
    Brand Manager

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