VIIs can not control VII Olym X-TTL with Profoto A1-Nikon

I have 3 Camera systems: SONY A7S, Olympus E-M1, Leica M240
1 Cactus VII - Olym.A.001
1 Cactus VIIs - SON.A.001
1 Profoto A1-Nikon TTL

I mount Cactus VII(Olym.A.001) and Profoto A1 on Olympus E-M1 as on camera flash.
It works very well.

I mount Cactus VII(Olym.A.001) on Leica M as TX.
Profoto-A1 on VIIs(SON.A.001) as RX.
Of course, Leica M is fully manual control. The wireless remote flash works fine.
If I install VII NIK.A.001 firmware, the green LEDs of both VII and VIIs lit, but wireless remote flash does not work. No flash.
It's not a problem. Olym.A.001 works well on both E-M1 and Leica M.

A suggestion:
Using Olym.A.001 firmware, flash icon will not display at Leica M view finder, because Leica M hot shoe is compatible with Nikon.
Can you add Nikon hot shoe pin signal in Olym.A.00x firmware to support Leica system ?

Here is my problem:
I mount VIIs(SON.A.001) on SONY A7S as TX.
Profoto A1on VII(Olym.A.001) as RX.
Wireless remote flash does work, but no TTL. The flash always output at full power.

Change VII firmware by NIK.A.001 as RX. The remote TTL works fine.

Though I can install different firmware anytime, It's not convenient.
I need Olym.A.00x X-TTL to support my Olympus camera and Leica.

Will you update Olym.A.00x firmware to work with VIIs ?

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