Cactus V6 not always triggred by the transmitter

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I just updated my Cactus V6 to version "V62.A.001". Now when I'm trying to fire them (1 tx and 3 rx on A, B and C) some don't always respond to the transmitter. Here a little video to demonstrate what I mean.

The video is hosted on Google Drive :
(It looks like I have my finger in front of the unit but I don't).

I tried other batteries and it doesn't fix the problem. What do you suggest ?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day,


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    It could be the working distance is too close between the RF60 and the V6. That causes the radio signal to be too strong and leads to misfire. What you can do is to set the RF60 about 1 meter away from the V6, or you can set WORK RANGE to SHORT in the V6 MENU . That will improve the communication.

    I hope that helps.
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