X-TTL - what is needed?

I have been reading various documents and posts about the Cactus flash system and am getting confused. At the moment I have a V6 mk 1 trigger and two RF60 speedlights. I use these with Panasonic micro four thirds cameras. I would like to know if it is possible to use these RF60s in off camera flash TTL mode.

From my reading I believe that I should be able to upgrade the firmware in my RF60 speedlights to work with Cactus X-TTL and I will need to buy a new V6 Mk2 to use the X-TTL.

Am I correct?

I ask as reading the manual just confuses.



  • From the manual:

    While the V6 II does not wirelessly command off-camera ashes to fire according to TTL metering, it is designed to pass the TTL signal from camera to ash via the transmitter (TX) and vice versa.
  • A new V6II and changing the firmware on your RF60 flashes will allow you to use the latter as off-camera TTL flashes.
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