Firmware confusion - "Learn HSS" is gone?

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Hello and thanks for accepting me to the forum. :)

I'm a fairly new user, and while I have to say that this system is very impressive, it's also very hard to understand what firmware I should be using. The updater doesn't explain anything about what the different firmwares do, and the information on the website (and changelog) are very vague.
Here is my current setup:
- Fuji X-T2 camera (latest firmware, 4.20)
- 1x Cactus RF60x
- 1x Yongnuo 568EX Nikon version
- 2x V6ii, one as a transceiver and one as a receiver for the Yongnuo flash.

So the question is basically, which firmware should I use for the V6ii's? I only need my system to work with the Fujifilm camera. What benefits and/or disadvantages are there between FUJ.A.003 and V62.A.001 respectively? Will HSS work with the Nikon flash (568EX) if I install FUJ.A.003 on the V6ii?

Also I'm wondering, since I updated from 1.1.013 to V62.A.001 the "Learn HSS" setting is gone from the V6ii. However, HSS seems to work flawlessly on both flashes as long as "Forced HSS" is disabled. Enabling "Forced HSS" will make the flashes fail to sync correctly. If this is some kind of intended Auto-switch for HSS functionality then it's very impressive, but it's very hard to find information about it, since I can't find anything about it in the changelog. I'm not complaining about the feature, but I want to know why/how it works so that I can solve potential problems if they occur.

Thanks :)


  • FUJ.A.003 is TTL and HSS ready for Fujifilm camera system, not to mention it's compatible with all the supported flash including Nikon. So, if you want to shoot TTL with your Fujifilm camera, it's good to use FUJ.A.003.

    V62.A.001 is multi-brand HSS. It allows to switch between camera system with loading the system specific firmware. I would say it's one for all. The limitation is it only support manual control and HSS, No TTL.

    "Forced HSS" is no longer necessary since the V6 II also implemented the HSS for Fujifilm camera that supports native HSS, such as X-T2, X-T1, X-Pro 2. For those legacy model, such as X-T10 or earlier, the "Forced HSS" is available and show it up in the TX menu.

    I hope that helps. Cheers!
    Ray Chan

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    Thanks Raychan, very helpful! So basically, if I don't need TTL (which is currently the case) there isn't a huge difference. :)
    Edit: One more question! With the FUJ.A.003 firmware, can I set the AF-assist light (on the V6ii) to only activate when I half press the shutter?
    Edit 2: Just found out that it does. Yet again pleasantly surprised by this system!
  • Excellent!
    Ray Chan

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  • I'm sticking with V1.1.013 because it is the most stable firmware for legacy cameras like X-T1 or using legacy Godox Strobes and Rovelight 600BL strobe. And surprising, the new X-T100 doesn't work with FUJ.A.003 and V62.A.001 with my legacy strobes like DS200/QS600 for HSS. It work excellent with V1.1.013!

    FUJ.A.003, V62.A.001 works fine with X-T2, X-H1, etc. However I am sticking with V1.1.013 for X-T100.
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