Relay mode. RF60X, V6II, V6

Hi Cactus!

I have latest firmware on 10-10-2018. V6II has Nikon A version.

Flash is in radio group A
V6II on camera with A group set to TTL while in TX mode then switched to RX mode D group, Relay ON. connected to camera via shutter release cable.
V6 in my hand set in relay mode. only Group D active with 1/128 setting.

When I switch V6II to TX and press shutter on camera, TTL works and there is preflash and HSS is active. Everything is great.

The Issue is when I switch V6II to RX, turn Relay ON and trigger V6 in my hand. The camera take a picture but no TTL. no preflash, no HSS.

Please advice.


  • I'm afraid that the V6 is not TTL friendly in any situation. Please use another V6 II in hand and have it loaded with X-TTL firmware. The remote TTL will work with Relay mode.

    I hope that helps.
    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
  • @raychan

    Why would the V6 have to be TTL friendly?

    It only serves as a remote trigger for the camera.

    As soon as the camera has been triggered, the on-camera V6II should temporarily switch to Tx mode and do its normal job.

    I don't see any technical need for the remote trigger to be TTL-capable.
  • @Class A Yea. The V6 doesn't have to be TTL friendly as a remote trigger for the camera. But since the RX is now attaching on the camera hot shoe to receive signal, the only TX is the V6, but it doesn't tell the rest of the RX to work in TTL mode.

    I'll check with our engineer to see whether we can come up with a solution through the firmware update.

    All the best,

    Ray Chan

    Senior Product Specialist
    Harvest One Limited
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