Cactus 6 vII and Sekonic L 308S

Dear forummembers,
I hope that someone can help me ...
I do have:
- 4 cactus 6 vII
- 2 flashes (Nikon SB910 and Yongnuo YN968N)
- 1 Sekonic lightmeter L-308S
I installed the latest firmware updates on the 4 cactus 6 vII.
If I use the Yongnuo flash off camera on a cactus as RX and I have my lightmeter connected with cable to another cactus 6 vII as TX I can fire the Yongnuo and have a metering on my lightmeter.
If I do exactly the same with the Nikon SB910 the flash refuses to fire. But the green light on both the receiver and transmitter are blinking whenever I push the button on my lightmeter to fire the SB 910. It looks like the TX and RX are not strong enough to send the signal.
Is someone familiar with this problem. I spend all afternoon trying to find out what is going wrong ... and I can not find out why.
Reason why I make this post.
In the past with my cactus 6 and flashes like Pentax, Yongnuo and others, I never had problems. Changing to 6 vII seems not be the right solution for the SB910. Or is it a known problem??? And what can I do about it???
Looking forward for the golden advice ...
Kindest regards,



  • Does the Nikon SB-910 fire when you press the test button on the V6 II to which you have the lightmeter attached?

    Does the Nikon SB-910 fire when you use the V6II transmitter on your camera?

    You might be able to address the problem by treating the SB-910 as a manual flash on the V6II receiver by configuring the V6II receiver respectively. That wouldn't allow you to control the power level remotely though, but it could be useful for figuring out what the source of the issue is.

  • When transmitter is on camera ... there is no problem.
    When I press the test button when V6 II is attached the flash does fire.
    If I press the button on the lightmeter only the green little lights on TX and RX are lightening.
    If I choose manual or auto still there is no firing off.

  • Sorry, sorry, sorry .... the flash does work in manual ... but as you already mentioned ... no control over power output :'(
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