V6 ii problems with Nikon TTL firmware

I've been a V6 version 1 user for the last several years and it's been awesome. I picked up a lot of three v6 ii's and 4 RF60X's from a friend today. I updated all the firmware excited to test this stuff out with the new features my v1's lacked. I was most excited about having the option to use TTL off camera for the rare occasions that call for it, without having to switch over to my godox gear ( I normally use both together).

The excitement ended quickly. So I noticed a few things:

1) Using the cross brand HSS firmware, everything seems to work fine, it's basically like using my old v1's but with the added feature of HSS off camera. The hotshoe on the V6 ii mounted on the camera continues operating as a true pass through hotshoe like on the v1's, with on camera/bounce flash ttl exposures looking exactly as if the flash was on the camera without the v6 ii, and HSS working flawlessly the same way. The true pass through hotshoe is evident by the fact that Nikon flashes can be used in TTL BL, not just regular TTL, meaning there is full communication between the camera and the flash.

2) The problems arose when trying the Nikon TTL firmware. Using this firmware I have the following problems:

- On camera bounce flash severely under-exposes. It appears that with this firmware, the hotshoe is no longer a true pass through and ttl is entirely controlled by the V6 ii. My guess is that due to this, there is no way for the v6 ii to know that the flash is set to a bounce position, so it can not adjust power accordingly which causes the faulty bounce flash metering to under-expose. I have no idea if there's any way to remedy this other than manually dialing in somewhere around +3ev of FEC on the flash itself.

- As soon as I mount an on camera flash my shutter speed will not go over the 1/200 xsync of my camera. HSS stops working entirely because it locks me at xsync and I've tried just ab out everything to make it work but nothing does. This is the bigger issue because I don't use on camera ttl very often at all but I do go over xsync for some parts of a wedding day to balance out flash and window light.
- When this happens, and i take the flash off, the v6 ii still remains locked into xsync speeds. If I turn the v6 ii on without a flash on it, and only use off camera flashes, it seems to allow me to go over xsync just fine.
- I thought this may be due to my D750 hotshoe but it's not, it does this no matter what the hotshoe position is, and it does this on my D850 as well.

My suggestion/request:

A firmware release that allows the off camera TTL, but still has a true pass through hotshoe at the same time. Even if it would mean not allowing the user to use TTL off camera and on camera at the same time it would be fine- for example if you had ttl enabled on camera it would be fine if it locked you out of using it off camera at the same time and only did manual power adjustments on the v6 ii, but if the on camera flash was turned off, ttl off camera came back up- that would allow us to be able to change between two complex setups quickly.


  • I'll add that I've been using a hybrid setup of Cactus V6 (v1) triggers for wedding receptions, with a Godox v860 ii on camera in radio master mode. This allows for four groups to be controlled via the V6 in manual power, plus an additional 3 (if you shoot Nikon) from the godox flash to be used all at the same time. It even works and syncs properly when godox lights are being fired in TTL mode off camera along with other manual groups on V6's. The speed of use/ergonomics of the cactus system are unmatched which is why I still use them for wedding receptions.

    This setup is not possible with either firmware with the v6 ii's :[
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