RF60 Wont fire off camera

Hi, I have bought a used RF60 that will fire on camera, though not off camera with my V6 receiver. Have I got it setup right? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Are the firmware versions compatible?

    I would recommend to post the exact firmware version numbers or do your own investigation which ones will be compatible.

    In order to see the firmware versions:
    RF60: Press and hold "Next" while turning it on.
    V6: Press and hold "A" & "D" (and not other button) while turning it on.

    P.S.: There is also a slight chance that the RF60 has a radio ID set which differs from "0000". A factory reset of the RF60 would address this and other potential problems. Of course, make sure the RF60 is in "S" (Slave) mode.
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