Nikon D750+SB-910

I just bought two V6II and yesterday updated the firmware.
Then I used one as TX on Nikon D750 in TTL mode, it read all the settings from my camera, like mm/iso etc and I could see this data on status screen of V6II TX. However flash SB-910(installed on V6II RX) which is in TTL mode doesn't change settings when I do it on camera. When I go from TTL to manual on TX, the mm will be changed on flash according to setup on TX.
My understanding is that in TTL mode flash should change settings according to the camera settings, but it never happens, please advise.


  • The V6 II takes control over the flash without showing the information on the flash panel.

    In addition, the zoom control has to be done manually from the V6 II TX unit. There is no auto zoom according to the changes of the lens zoom length.

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    Ray Chan

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