Well, I've spent a number of hours yesterday and today researching online and in this forum without a solution. I have a new EM-1 Mk ii (latest f/w 2.1) and a V6II (f/w Oly.A.004). I am trying to use the TTL passthrough and I'm getting the TTL SYSTEMS DO NOT MATCH error. Yes, I've removed the spring clip from the hot shoe on the EM-1 already. The flash I'm trying to use is a RF60X (f/w A08). It appears to work remotely but not on camera via TTL. The Camera is recognized as the Oly by the icon on the V6II screen. I've done the hold the shutter button down and power up the V6II into TX process as well. I've reviewed the EM-1 manual as well as the V6II manual. I can not seem to resolve this. Does anyone have any suggestions? The V6II is about a year old and it has worked fine on my original EM-1. Clearly, I'm missiong something in the set-up.
I own a Olympus EM-1, a Olympus EM-1 Mkii, various lenses, 2 V6II and a RF60X.


  • The error regarding mismatching TTL systems occurs when there is a mismatch between camera brand configuration and flash system configuration on the V6II. Both choices need to be consistent in order for TTL pass-through to work. Hence, you can get rid of that error configuring your V6II accordingly.

    However, your main problem is the assumption that the RF60X will straightforwardly work as an on-camera TTL flash. The RF60X only features TTL as an off-camera flash (via radio control). With its single-pin hot-shoe interface, it cannot offer any of the existing flash system TTL protocols (also implying there is no appropriate flash system choice available on the V6II for the RF60X as an on-camera flash).

    Your only chance to use the RF60X as a TTL flash is via radio (in "S" mode) and there are two options for making that happen "on-camera":
    1. Use a flash bracket with a cold-shoe or non-connected hot-shoe.
    2. Isolate the centre pin of the RF60X and see whether it works reliably on top of the V6II via radio signal (making sure the V6II"s working range is set to "SHORT").
  • Ok. Thank you. I figured since the V6 II and the RF69X were both Cactus they would be compatible on camera.
    I own a Olympus EM-1, a Olympus EM-1 Mkii, various lenses, 2 V6II and a RF60X.
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