V6II / Pentax 645Z/ HSS with Godox AD-360

Hello, I am trying to use a Pentax 645Z witha Godox AD-360 ( non-ttl) with the cactus V6II and a Godox 433Mhz transmitter .

I did try to load the two legacy firmwares currently available for the V6 II, version 1.1.006 and 1.1.013

The flash works in HSS mode as manual flash with the version 1.1.013 and as a Nikon flash with version 1.1.006, but in both case i experience banding in the upper part of the frame .
Actually, the banding with the older firmware/Nikon flash configuration is smaller than with the latest version/manual flash one .

Are there additional steps to perform to get rid of the banding , and is there a firmware version with wich the configuration works 100% ok ?

Best Pierre


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    Have you experimented with the "CUSTOM SETTING" in "CAMERA & FLASH SETUP" on the V6II?

    The official setting for the 645Z is "TYPE 1".

    If that doesn't help, perhaps try to see whether older posts on similar issues help. There is one suggesting that firmware versions older than 1.1.012 require the "CUSTOM SETTING" to be "OFF".

    Also, given that you won't be controlling power through the V6II anyhow, you could also try the "POWER SYNC" sync-mode of the V6II. This sync mode has an option to adjust the sync timing (see the manual for details). I see a chance that you could use this mode in conjunction with sync-time tweaking to get the AD360 to fire at the right time.
  • Hello Class A ;

    Hurrah, thank you so much for your suggestion to use Custom setting to Type 1 .

    The frame is now almost entirely uniformely exposed, but a very thin part on the bottom of the frame which is clearer, but this is way way better than all previous results and totally workable for me .

    The setup is thus: legacy firmware v1.1.013./ camera system Pentax/ Flash System Manual/Custom setting Type 1, all other parameters let to default .

    ps legacy firmware v 1.0.006 does not have a custom setting option

    Again, thank You so much for the help and support, and all the best for 2019,

  • No worries, glad it did the trick. :)

    All the best for 2019!
  • Thanks again so much Class A, your nickname is well deserved :) ...
    Best Pierre
  • Hello,
    What is the model of your Godox transmeetter?
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