ORLIT 250 KWIK Series Studio Flash With Bowens S Mount

Hi all,
I got two of those flashes https://www.adorama.com/orlfkwik250.html
And want to use it with Panasonic GH5 or Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III but I am not sure what trigger I can use with it and how many triggers do I need to make it work.

Could V6 or V6ii be used to control those ORLIT flashes? Is one Cactus trigger is enough?


  • One Cactus trigger is definitely not enough.

    You'll need at least two triggers -- on in a transmitter role and the other in a receiver role -- and a 3.5mm sync-cable to connect the receiver unit with one of the strobes.

    You could fire the second strobe optically, it would then just go off whenever the other strobe fires. In this case, you wouldn't need any more equipment.

    If you want to trigger the second strobe via radio as well, for instance because you want to control the two strobes independently, e.g., for setup purposes, then you'd need a third trigger unit and another 3.5mm sync-cable.

    In terms of trigger types, even the basic V5 model would suffice for your purpose, as your strobes don't support HSS and you wouldn't be able to remotely control their power levels.

    The V6 model would allow you to more easily control the groups and you could potentially add speedlights to your setup which you could then remotely control via the V6 (power levels and zoom settings).

    The V6II model would probably be overkill; it would just add HSS support and TTL support for future lights; your current ones won't be able to benefit from these V6II features.
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