V6II/Pentax with Jinbei Studio Strobe (HSS)


Recently I got a Jinbei DPs III 300 and I can trigger it by my V6II (latest Pentax FW) in normal mode by cable connection.
I tried to use this setup for HSS (even the strobe is not explicitly capable for HSS) dan see following behaviour:
- manual trigger via V6II Sender button works
- taking one picture with a short sync time (e.g. 1/1000 sec) works well
- 2nd and further picture strobe does not release
- manual trigger again works fine again
- Afterwards 1st shot is good again - further fail again
- .......and so on

Is this known and is there any workarround?
Greetings from Germany



  • The appropriate mode to use with a strobe like that would be "POWER SYNC". Have you tried doing that? It would even support timing adjustments via the power sync adjustment feature.

    Note that the whole setup is very unlikely to work at all power level settings, so try to keep those consistent (probably full power will be required) throughout your testing.

    The behaviour you describe doesn't sound too good; shouldn't be that inconsistent but is probably firmware related. I suggest naming the exact firmware version you are using, the term "latest Pentax FW" probably refers to a "PEN.A." version but doesn't unambiguously determine the version number.
  • Thank you - this was the right hint

    In Power-Sync mode it worke perfect!
    Greetings from Germany

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