HSS With Nikon D750 Not working

I have the following:

Nikon D750
Cactus RF60x
Cactus RF60
Cactus V6 II

I attach the V6 II to my Nikon hot shoe. Normal HSS is enabled on the V6. Flash profile set to Nikon. Camera profile set to Nikon. Cactus RF60 and 60x HSS are both enabled. HSS enabled on my Nikon. Camera shutter set to 1/400th. I take a picture and a black bar of underexposed image appears.

Ive read through numerous fourms and watched videos with no help. HOW CAN I FIX THIS OR HAVE I WASTED MY MONEY?


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    It is possible that you are experiencing a lack of proper contact between the V6 II and the D750 due to the D750's non-standard hot-shoe.

    Try following the suggestion made in the article and see whether that helps.

    If you don't set the camera profile to "NIKON" but leave it on "AUTO" then the V6II will attempt to recognise the camera. After being turned on, it should show the camera symbol with the "N" inside after a short while. If it doesn't then you know that the V6II isn't making proper contact with the D750.
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