On camera bounce flash 2.7 stops underexposed with TTL firmware

Like the title says. Similarly the off camera ttl exposures aren't correct either. But on camera bounce flash underexposes when using the same brand flash as the camera model (like a nikon camera and nikon flash). Strangely the exposure seems ok when mounting a flash different to the brand of the camera. Makes no sense to me. Please look into this. TTL on camera is correct when using the HSS only firmware.


  • On-camera same-brand TTL still seems to have ongoing issues. In my case, it's a pair of Canon ETTL flashes on a Canon body. Sticking to the multi-brand HSS firmware seems to be the most stable option for now.

  • @Marekkphotography The V6 II simulates the flash exposure of the flash when it directly mounts on the camera. However, the exposure level is slightly different on flash models. Especially, when the bounce flash is in use, the flash may hit the maximum power output. The underexposure is expected. In this case, you may increase camera ISO that and see whether it help to get the better flash exposure.
    Ray Chan

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  • @raychan

    That is definitely not the issue. On camera bounce flash exposure is correct with the multibrand HSS firmware since the flash acts as if it is directly on top of the camera. WIth the TTL firmware it is not accounting for the fact that the on camera flash is in a bounce position and underexposing due to this. This is happening when a Nikon flash is used on a trigger with Nikon ttl firmware on a Nikon camera. When I put a Canon flash on it, for whatever reason it seems to expose better though.
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