V6ii + Rf60X with Pentax k1 HSS Problem

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Hi! I have a pentax k1 and bought V6ii with a 3 flashes rf60x for my work. Updated all the flashes and the V6II and tried for hours but im not able to make them work with HSS.

Camera info is also not showing on the V6II. Thanks for help!


  • Can you check which firmware is loaded in your devices? I recommend using the following firmware on,
    RF60X : A.08 or later
    V6 II : PAN.A.xxx

    I wonder the V6 II doesn't contact to the camera hot shoe correctly. Please make sure it inserts to the camera hot shoe all the way in.

    Another thing you can check is the in the V6 II MENU. Make sure it's using camera system.

    I hope that helps.
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    I use the K-1 with a V6II running V1.1.019 and an RF60X running V104.

    This combination works fine with HSS.

    It does not feature TTL but personally I don't need it and prefer the multi-brand firmware variant.

    I normally keep the "CAMERA SYSTEM" set to "PENTAX" but for trouble shooting it can be a good idea to leave the setting in the default auto-detect setting.

    If you are not seeing a camera symbol with a "P" inside after switching on the V6II then you know there is connectivity issue between the K-1 and the V6II.

    Make sure to turn on the camera first and keep it active (you can half-tap the shutter release button for that) while you turn on the V6II.

    For further troubleshooting it would be useful to know what is working and what isn't, e.g., whether you can influence the RF60X power levels with the V6II or not.

    Note that there is a minimum operation distance of 20cm or so, unless you set the "WORK RANGE" to "SHORT" on the V6II.
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