can't get my rf60 to work with cactus v6 trigger

I have 2 v6 triggers that won't set off a rf60 flash. I just purchased this as a "used" product but it said it wasn't used. It came with all parts and manual.
firmware is V61.A.003 for triggers
firmware for flash is 205
Flash works when I use test button on flash
I also have a nikon sb800 that I can use without issue and the v6 works perfectly with that
But the v6 are not triggering the rx60
The Rx60 works fine on the hot shoe of my camera
I have both trigger and flash set on B group, s mode on channel 1


  • oh gosh I do feel stupid - I changed the firmware on the triggers to 2.1.001 and it works now. My firmware did not match the flash.
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