Mounted the V6ii the wrong way around on cameras hot shoe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've mounted the V6ii the wrong way around on my cameras hot shoe in a moment of madness ! And I can not get it to come off ! What do I do ???


  • Okay, so get yourself some precision screwdrivers & open the V6ii up, then loosen the three screws inside which will release the hot shoe plate. Don't try & use force like I did at first, you will just destroy your gear :(

  • On the front of the hot shoe components of the V6 II (just above the locking wheel) there is a little hole for unlocking the hot shoe lock pin. Use a pen or pointed object to press towards the hole and it will lift up the hot shoe lock pin. Pull out the V6 II at the same time. That should help whenever you cannot release the V6 II from your camera.
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